SPORTS MOUTHGUARDS – What is indispensable to know



SPORTS MOUTHGUARDS – What is indispensable to know

The purpose of this book is to create an informative and practical handbook on dental protection during sports


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Color illustrations: 456

ISBN: 978-88-7572-145-9



SPORTS MOUTHGUARDS – What is indispensable to know

The purpose of this book is to create an informative and practical handbook on dental protection during sports. It is of great aid for dentists, for doctors who are involved with sports medicine, for dental technicians and finally for athletes and sports clubs, so that they can get to know the real risk involved in traumas to the mouth, temporomandibular joints and skull, that at any time endangers those who practice all kinds of sports, especially during workouts when the concentration is lower.

We must not forget that insurance companies do not compensate damages caused to teeth and surrounding structures during sports activities, if at the time of the impact the mouthguard was not worn.


(Dr. Claudio Lanteri)


1 – The mouthguard: an unknown world to sportspeople

1.1 Traumas to anterior teeth in several sports: a case series
(Dr. Guido Bellabona)


Clinical case 1

Clinical case 2

Clinical case 3

Clinical case 4

1.2 The rescue box SOS Zahnbox


2 – Marketed mouthguards

2.1 Marketed non customizable mouthguards

2.2 Marketed customizable mouthguards


3 – Individual customized mouthguards

3.1 Monolaminar individual customized mouthguard

3.2 Multilaminar individual customized mouthguard

3.3 Opro mouthguards

3.4 Characteristics of individual customized mouthguards


4 – Erkodent mouthguards

4.1 Play safe mouthguards

4.2 The pendulum hit test of the University of Tubingen

4.3 The Playsafe triple mouthguard

4.4 Comparison between Playsafe triple and Playsafe heavy-pro


5 – Dreve mouthguards
(Technician Paolo Filipponi, Technician Fabio Fantozzi)

5.1 Introduction to Dreve mouthguards

5.2 Conclusions


6 – Scheu-Dental mouthguards
(Technician Michele Iannotta, Technician Stefano Righini, Technician Fabio Fantozzi)

6.1 Technical specifications

6.2 Thermoforming machines

6.3 Manufacturing of the mouthguard

6.4 Polishing


7 – Mouthguard: scientific evidence of the theory and the practice
(Dr. Regina Queiroz, Laboratory technician Fabio Fantozzi, Lucas Queiroz Caponi)

7.1 Literature review

7.2 History of the use of mouthguards

7.3 When to prescribe a mouthguard

7.4 Why mouthguards are not worn

7.5 Classification of mouthguards

7.6 Levels of protection

7.7 Mouthguards: from theory to practice

7.8 Clinical case

7.9 Clinical protocol to fabricate a mouthguard

7.10 Technical fabrication by the laboratory

7.11 Clinical evaluation of patient with mouthguard

7.12 How to wear, store and disinfect

7.13 Storage and maintenance

7.14 Disinfection

7.15 Conclusions


8 – The news on the latest generation of mouthguards


9 – I numeri dello sport italiano
(a cura del CONI)



9.1 Lo Sport olimpico

9.2 La pratica sportiva in Italia

9.3 Il movimento sportivo del CONI

9.4 Integrazione delle fonti

10 – I numeri dello sport 2012

La pratica sportiva in Italia nel 2012

10.1 Il quadro generale

10.2 Le Federazioni Sportive Nazionali e le Discipline Sportive Associate

10.3 Gli sport più diffusi

10.4 La struttura territoriale delle FSN e DSA

I dati Istat sull’attività fisico sportiva 2012

11 – La pratica sportiva in Italia:

statistica approfondita dall’ISTAT