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The Authors



200 pages • 810 color illustrations

ISBN 978-88-7572-130-5

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The Authors


Born in Conegliano( TV) - ITALY - 04-15-1971. Degree Dental School University of Padua (ITA). 1996 - 1999 Visiting Professor - Master Oral Surgery -University of Padua (ITA). g.G.o. (gruppo Gaslini ortodonzia) Member from 2003. RedOI (Registro degli Ortodontisti Italiani) Member from 2004. CEO (European Orthodontic College) active Member from 2006. Regular (active) Member Tweed Association from 2007. Courses Instructor Tweed Foundation (Tucson-Arizona) from 2009. Specialist in Orthodontics University of Ferrara from 2010. Italian Board of Orthodontics (IBO) Active Member. Italian Accademy of Orthodontics Active Member. Speaker at national and international Congresses. Author of many Scientific Publications. International expert Orthodontic Skeletal Anchorage. Private Practise.

Alessandro Mario GRECO

Dental Degree at University of Rome Tor Vergata in 1999, Postgraduate education in Orthodontics at University of Ferrara in 2007, Postgraduate Fellow at San Giovanni Calibita Fatebenefratelli. Hospital Isola Tiberina in Rome from 2000, PhD Student at University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Member of Italian Board of Orthodontics (I.B.O.), Member of European Board of Orthodontics (E.B.O.), Active Member of Italian Society of Orthodontics (S.I.D.O.), Active Member of Italian. Academy of Orthodontics (A.I.d.Or.), Active Member of European Orthodontic Society (E.O.S.), Active Member of World Federation of Orthodontists (W.F.O.), President for 2013-15 of Italian. Society of Bidimensional Technique (S.I.Te.Bi), Past President (2013) of Italian Association of Orthodontists Specialist (A.S.I.O.), Clinical Speaker Invisalign. Author of scientific articles on national and international journals, speaker at nationals and international courses and meetings. Dental practice in Rome with exclusive interest to orthodontics.

Antonio GRACCO

Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics from the University of Padova. Post-graduate specialisation in Orthognathodontics from University of Ferrara. Awarded research grant in 2005-2010 for the project ‘Three-dimensional Diagnosis in Orthodontics’ at the University of Ferrara Department of Medical and Surgical Disciplines. Lecturer and Visiting Professor at the University of Ferrara Department of Orthognathodontics, responsible for teaching techniques such as skeletal anchorage, 3D technologies and the Customized appliances. Past-President of ASIO (Italian Association of Orthodontic Specialists) in 2010. Speaker at various national and international scientific conferences and author of numerous articles published in international journals. Researcher at the University of Padova, Italy.

Cesare LUZI

Dental degree at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Postgraduate education and Master of Science in Orthodontics at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. Founder and first President of the European Postgraduate Students Orthodontic Society (EPSOS). Active member of SIDO (Italian Society of Orthodontics). Member of the EOS (European Orthodontic Society) and ASIO (Italian Association of Specialists in Orthodontics). Winner of the Houston Research Award of the EOS (2006) and of the First Prize Award for Clinical Research of SIDO (2006). Winner of the Beni Solow Award 2010. Diplomate of the Italian Board of Orthodontics. Visiting Professor University of Ferrara (Italy). Private practice in Rome, Italy, limited to orthodontics.



Orthodontic Panorama of the third millennium showed few news if compared to the last century. Within the amazing new perspectives of our time, skeletal anchorage has undoubtedly a primary role so that researchers from all the world from at least ten years studied its potential applications.

The orthodontic School of Ferrara started to study skeletal anchorage by means of the contribution of the mourning Dr. Aldo Carano who invented the M.A.S. miniscrews to stabilize anterior anchorage during the distalization phase with Distal Jet. The great advantages of this new method were immediately clear for all the international orthodontic community, so today

I’m glad to present this multi hands textbook, written by all young orthodontists alumni of Ferrara Orthodontic School and now expert clinicians recognized all over the world. The textbook explores skeletal anchorage topic giving to the reader the possibility to deepen the theme both from a clinical point of view and from a biomechanical point of view.

Ferrara School, from about ten years, focused on this topic through different researches identifying first the so called “safe-zones”, the most safe insertion sites for miniscrews, then through the understanding of screw components in order to guide orthodontists in the optimal choice and finally through the formulation of a new biomechanical system needed for a more modern orthodontic approach able to substitute old anchorage concepts

Today both beginners and experienced orthodontists need to face with skeletal anchorage because it can solve one of the oldest problem of the orthodontic discipline: patient’s compliance, offering to orthodontists predictable results reducing unwanted unsuccessful outcomes.

Prof. Giuseppe Siciliani
Director and Chief
Orthodontic Department
Ferrara University



1 - Orthodontic anchorage; skeletal anchorage; miniscrews and its features
(Antonio Gracco, Costantino Giagnorio)

2 - Insertion site selection, surgical procedure and medicolegal aspects with miniscrews
(Antonio Gracco)

3 - Ideal Biomechanics for miniscrews
(Alessandro Mario Greco)

4 - Failure, risks and complications associated to miniscrew us
(Cesare Luzi)

5 - Miniscrews approach in Class II malocclusions
(Cesare Luzi)

6 - Extraction space closure with miniscrews
(Alessandro Mario Greco)

7 - Multidisciplinary and adult treatment with miniscrews
(Nicola Derton)